Virginia Junior Shaggers (VJSI) was incorporated in March 2014 as a non-profit charitable corporation, and became a 501(c)(3) organization in August 2014. VJSI is dedicated to the preservation, education and promotion of Carolina Shag  and it’s music.

The objective of VJSI is to assist boys and girls under the age of 21 in learning to shag and participating in shag events. This includes financial help to attend junior shag events, hold shag workshops and help to start new junior shag clubs in and around the state of Virginia.

Donations to VJSI are considered tax-deductible subject to state and federal rules.

If you have any questions about Virginia Junior Shaggers, Inc. or want more information on how you can help us, or how we can help you with Junior events. Please contact us at info@vajrshaggersinc.com. Please share this with your club members. Thank you.

President ,

Joyce M. Burnley