Your donation will allow VJSI to sponsor shag workshops teaching boys and girls under the age of 21 the Carolina Shag dance. While many of the instructors donate their time and expertise, their expenses are sometimes reimbursed, facilities typically must be rented and additional costs are incurred providing drinks, snacks, and other items to participants.

Your donation will also allow the VJSI to provide financial assistance to those who, otherwise, would be unable to attend junior shag events. Many of these juniors are unable to afford all of the costs to attend such as fuel, lodging, food and event fees.

Your donation will allow the VJSI to provide support needed to start new junior shag clubs in and around the state of Virginia.

When sufficient funds are raised, we also intend to create a college scholarship program for Juniors.

Virginia Junior Shaggers, Inc. is a non-profit charitable corporation (VA 501(c)(3) Organization).

Donations to VJSI are considered tax-deductible for individuals and corporations and other shag clubs.
(all donations are subject to state and federal rules).

Please send donations to:

Virginia Junior Shaggers

P.O.Box 847

Colonial Heights, VA  23834