Va Jr Shaggers Hall of Fame

This page is for the recognition of our former juniors and their accomplishments in the dance we all love. We are very proud of them and strongly feel they should be remembered for the hard work and dedication they exhibited while exposing our dance to a new generation. We offer a special thanks to the parents, grandparents and adult shaggers who helped them to achieve their goals.

Jac and Erin White Inducted 2016

Grant Garmon Inducted 2017

Amanda Tedesco Inducted 2018

Kari Jones Legge inducted 2019

Jason Harold Poston inducted 2020


Please note anyone can nominate or sponsor a person for consideration for induction. You must provide the name and contact information when nominating. The period when they danced and with whom. You must also have the nominees permission.

Qualifications include:

1.Minimum of 31 years old (10 years after having aged out of juniors)

2.Must have danced as a junior while living in Virginia

3.Not required to have danced in the NSDC or the GNDC

These nominees will be voted on by the VJSI Board and members of the Va Jr Shaggers Hall of Fame

Nominations can be emailed to